The Presence of Love

Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing

Come & Experience Revolutionary Healing with Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse, the supremely loving, all-knowing Mother of all Energies, Frequencies & Vibrations. The neutral QVSWPP connects all into Oneness.

Experience cutting-edge Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing for Mind, Body, Soul and Super Soul. Book a session today and be touched by this Ultimate Grace! Book your session today via


Kosmic_Fly_highThe QVSWPP™ is the cutting edge that is revolutionizing and spear heading the Awakening of the Soul’s Pure Essence and Purpose of experiencing Consciousness and leading into Self- Realization.

I felt like a different person. I was happier, lighter, relaxed, calm and in the moment. Next morning I walked along the beach with a feeling of joy and lightness and with a skip in my step.” Lynette

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely gift of healing with me today – It is only now that I am realising how much ‘weight’ I have been carrying over the last few months – my head feels so much clearer and my whole body feels ‘present’ – ( I am sure my whole family thanks you for this!)” – Kim P.

A new and fascinating experience which has had an astonishing effect on how I breathe and live. Following my session I became aware that I was breathing differently. It’s like at the end of my breath the energy flow easily through my abdomen, down my legs and into the earth. It’s like blockages I didn’t know I had there have been released. Thank you for making a difference in the way I live my life” x Kathy C. Northern Beaches



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