The Presence of LOVE ~ feel it (because you are it)!

We are LOVE and we are ONE, yet our true Nature seems covered by layers of fear. Divine Love is truly unconditional, omnipresent, infinite & omnipotent. A Love so profound it embraces everything, judges nothing and has to power to effect miraculous change instantly. It is time to awaken to the LOVE that YOU Are. As Rumi put it: You are the Soul of the Soul of the Universe and your name is Love! ♥

The Power of LOVE ~ embrace it!

The power of Love & Grace is the greatest power there is and your True Heart is the gateway to this Power and to the Source of All That Is. This is a time where we are being called to remember Who we Are. This is the time to awaken from our game of separation; seeing through the illusion and dissolving the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence.

Sharing the LOVE!

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My Services to Assist You in your daily life experience and your Spiritual Awakening:
♥ 22nd Century Multi-Dimensional Holographic Healing with the revolutionary, cutting edge Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse
Love inspirations, insights and reminders via Facebook
♥  Meditation & Healing circles. Together we can remember & celebrate the LOVE that we are!

Online Kosmic Clinic (monthly)!

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