The Presence of Love

Cutting-edge Healing with Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (Shunya Bindu)

Looking for more peace and balance? Looking to re-connect with your Soul and your Purpose in life?
Finding yourself stuck in (mind) patterns you would like to break through?

Look no further! With Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse or Shunya Bindu, the all-powerful Signature of Source-Void, you will experience spontaneous upliftment. This all-knowing, supremely loving Mother of all Energies, Frequencies & Vibrations knows exactly what you need to increase your vibrational potential and super charge your life!

Revolutionary healing and graceful re-boot for you whole being; bringing balance to your mind, body, soul & super Soul, and relationship with your self and others.

Feel your body and cells come alive again, igniting the inner joy, bliss and peace we are all looking for.Ekta Elliaa QVSWPP Practitioner (2)

Why not try and book a session today? And be touched by this Ultimate Grace!
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 “I felt like a different person. I was happier, lighter, relaxed, calm and in the moment. Next morning I walked along the   beach with a feeling of joy and lightness and with a skip in my step.” Lynette

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